Sunday, March 20, 2011

Try Again

Triple organ transplant recovery has been a challenge. New organs show no sign of rejection. Getting Kerry's digestive system back on track has been troublesome. Liver transplant docs did some tests and studies last week which ruled out any leaks or blockages so Saturday resumed tube feeds again. Please pray that in God's time these will be successful--her pattern has been tolerate for almost a week then she feels bloated and they have to stop and figure out why. Friday was six weeks post transplant and she's tired of being in the hospital. Saturday was a beautiful day and her nurse got permission to take her outside for a few minutes. We are thankful for so much and know that every day gets her closer to going home. God's still in control, has plans for good and not evil, plans for a future and hope per Jeremiah 29:11. (Nan)

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