Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Getting Well Again

Several issues to resolve to get Kerry fixed up and discharged. Anemic, dehydrated, elevated calcium level in her blood, jaundice, and itchy. Did some testing including an endoscopy which showed the esophigitis is much improved so Friday she began eating--wouldn't you know she doesn't have an appetite. Goal is to get her fixed up, send her home to get stronger through nutrition and rehab and get her listed for a new liver. Thanks for praying about all this with us. (Nan)

Discharged May 17 and Readmitted May 25

Tuesday May 17 was a joyful day, discharge had arrived. I felt like Miss America walking down the runway as Kerry and I left the 7800 floor with the staff cheering her on. It was good to be back "home" at the Residence Inn and begin a new routine. We got to sleep in Wednesday. Thursday morning Kerry had her assessment at the Center for Living then I dropped her off in the afternoon to begin rehab. Friday morning she had bloodwork at clinic and we met with the liver transplant coordinator. Daisy Dog came to visit for the weekend and actually we took Kerry to the ER Sunday--she was dehydrated and nauseous and got a bag of fluid. Monday she went to Center for Living and was very tired afterwards. Tuesday was a clinic day---pulmonary and liver. By this time Kerry was worn out and her bloodwork reflected it--still dehydrated and nauseous and also anemic. Rather than be omitted on the spot we choose to go home and increase fluids. By the middle of the night Kerry decided we were going to the hospital in the morning. Her transplant coordinator arranged an admission and about 4pm we headed to the hospital where she was admitted to room 7808. (Nan)

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Discharge Close!

Discharge close! Gotta get esophagitis cleared up and eating. Original goal was this Wednesday then changed to Thursday then changed to whenever esophagitis is clear and she's eating! Docs think esophagitis caused by a pill getting stuck and irritating/inflaming the esophagus and think she may see some improvement this Wednesday or Thursday. Praying and believing God will heal the constricted bile ducts in the liver. (Nan)