Monday, August 9, 2010

First ever...and a little behind.....

Ok, so I've had this site up for about a month now and I am just now starting to write. I've been a little tied up. So to bring you up to date my evaluation at Duke is finished and I am a good candidate for a double lung, liver and possible pancreas transplant. Duke called me two weeks ago and said they are ready for my husband and I to relocate to Durham!!! My friends and family have started fundraising efforts and have had a great turn out. The August 7th garage/bake sale went awesome! Made $2100!! I owe it all to my church friends and family. I am truley blessed with wonderful friends. Another fundraiser is on August 22nd at ToriBay Hair salon, my aunt works there and they are doing a cut-a-thon, car wash and raffle! We don't currently have an account for the money yet, I am filling out applications for the NFT (National Foundation for Transplants). NFT will collect the donations for me and set up a web page on their site to publicize the need for transplant.

It is all overwhelming at times, but also exciting. I also find myself being so grateful for my friends and family, without them this would not be possible. God truley has me in the palm of His hand and won't let me go.

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