Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Switching of the Guard

This past weekend my caregivers switched. Dad went back home and Mom came to take his place. She got here Monday afternoon.

We hit the ground running though. Early Tuesday morning, 3am I began coughing bright red blood up again. It was alot and it didn't slow down as fast as it usually does so I had Mom call 911 and I was taken to Duke via ambulance. Better to be safe than sorry I guess. I ended up staying the night and was sent home on 4 days worth of steroids to hopefully calm things down in my lil lungs.

I'm hoping and praying real hard that these steroids will be enough to last me and control these bleeds through Christmas so I can be home and spend time with all my family who is coming in ThursdayDecember 23rd and staying through December 26th.

As always I appreciate all the prayers from everyone. Hopefully soon I'll get that call for brand new organs and begin my recovery!

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