Monday, January 24, 2011

Passing the Time

So I decided to pick up a new habit. I am attempting to teach myself to crochet. I was inspired by my sisters best friend who can make the coolest stuff (from her head) and also the fact that I have alot of time on my hands. Crocheting seems to be a relatively low cost habit. My friend Pam taught me some before she left for Mississippi. I bought a kit at B&N thinking I could make the animals in it, but I quickly realized I was in over my head. So right now I am working on a scarf. Its not half bad looking. I already have a foot of scarf!! :)

My goal is to be good enough by Easter to make my nieces some animals for their Easter baskets.

Ma and I are doing well. Still rehabing everyday at CFL. She is doing a super job as caregiver! Still praying for that phone call, hope it won't be too much longer. Thanks for the prayers and cards!


  1. Hey Kerry, just saw your blog link from the West Club facebook page today. I met you briefly one Sunday morning at the first time guest tent and just thought I'd say hi! Cool blog - I tried crocheting once and was a total disaster. A foot of scarf sounds like you'll be making animals in no time!


  2. Hi Kerry! I also found your link on the West Club Facebook page and have been reading it non-stop since! I am in my senior semester of nursing school and just recently finished studying CF. I also work on a pediatric unit at Duke whose population is largely CF patients. Your story is so raw and would be a great encouragement to those suffering from the same thing. I would love to meet you one Sunday- I will continue to pray for you, for a speedy "call", and for the hearts of the donor's family. May God continue to be glorified in your life!

    -Jamie Veasey