Monday, January 31, 2011

So I am back at Duke due to a lung bleed again. Saturday night around midnight-ish I woke up and started coughing up blood! About a pint in 15 minutes, which is quite a bit. So Ben and I headed to the ER. They kept me to watch, but then this morning I started coughing up more blood, only a quarter of a cup this time, but still not good. I was sent down to IR to be emolized again in hope to stop or slow these bleeding episodes. Hopefully it will do the trick and I can remain blood free for a bit. I am currently getting blood, on my second bag. Hoping to get to go home Tuesday or Wednesday. I really wanna be home for SB Sunday. But we shall see God has a plan and I know its I will wait on Him.

Please continue to pray for me and my new organs and esp for the donors family. My mom is doing a super job :). But you can also keep her in your prayers as well as the rest of my family. Love to all!! xoxo

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