Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Encouraged today!

Kerry's stomach emptying is sufficient enough that she began today to take some meds by mouth and can even have small sips of clear liquids! Also her liver numbers and billirubin decreased today! The liver team is still looking into why her liver numbers are elevated and she has a test tomorrow where they'll look at her bile ducts for blockages. Regarding the bacteria in her blood, blood drawn for culture Friday is showing negative for bacteria as of today. Needless to say we are thankful for the encouragement and for God's continuing care. (Nan)


  1. Way to go Kerry! I'm so proud of your accomplishments in getting this far. I bet you are the happiest of all having some actual clear liquids in your belly! That's great news! Are you walking much? Do you like being on a different floor? Probably a nice change of pace! Please keep up the posts, Nan! I love the progress and I know all the prayers, including mine here in Texas each and every day, are so helpful! Hang in there Kerry...miss seeing you all! Lisa

  2. Yay!!! I know Kerry is happy to have some sort of food down her throat even it is only liquids. It'll taste fantastic! I'm so Thankful to hear she is continuing to improve. I know it is seeming to take forever, but it will get better. Thank The Lord her new organs are working great. All the other setbacks will pass. I Love You All and I'll see you next month. Hang in there Kerry, you are doing great! Stay strong!