Sunday, April 10, 2011


Hi everyone, please forgive me for falling behind. Doctors are testing on several issues: stomach emptying slowly, liver not rejecting per liver biopsy but not doing well based on elevated enzymes and billirubin, and Infectious Disease doctors trying to figure out where the bacteria that shows up in her blood cultures is hiding in her body. Also changed rooms this week, moved from the surgical transplant floor (3124) to the pulmonary medicine floor (7831). Thanks for your prayers, cards, pictures, Bible verses shared and a special video greeting delivered by friends--all have encouraged and refreshed us spiritually! (Nan)

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  1. Kerry, Kerry, Kerry!
    Hello my dear patient and friend! I'm finally getting my act together and viewing your blog! I love it!! The updates are wonderful and am so glad I can follow you here from Texas. You have been on my mind and in my heart from the day we departed. I am praying that all goes well with these new found issues. You ARE strong and the will to get through this. God, myself and all your followers are counting on your strength. Strength that I know you have inside. I miss you tremendously and our many nights spent together. Keep blogging! Please tell your Mom, Dad and Ben I said hello.... looking forward to seeing your progress! May God bless you always.... Love Lisa