Thursday, September 23, 2010

New Record In Rehab!!

Today had a rough start, as I woke up at 4:15 am coughing up bright red blood. I sat on the edge of my bed and prayed please God let it stop and not be as much as before (at least 1 cups worth). Well God answered my was only about 2 TBSP. :) I called the docs to let them know anyway. I was just told to hold the lovenox for today and still attend Pulm Rehab. Once I got going at the gym it wasn't so bad, my chest opended up and I wasn't so tight! I even broke my record! Today I was able to walk a mile and a quarter!!! I also did the stairs, weights, bike and floor exercises. After that Dad and I attended a lecture on scar mobilization. It dosen't sound that comfortable but it will help me not be so stiff after TX.

The diabetes appointment went well this morning. My sugars are still high due to the prednisone, no surprise there but I have an appointment with the pump trainer Monday at 3pm, she may make some changes to my insulin pump.

Tomorrow I have an appointment at 9am with pulmonary to have PFTs, ABGs and some other labs (antibody levels and C-peptide) drawn. The C-peptide is to see if my pancreas makes any insulin at all. Basically to see if my pancreas is functioning.

Wednesday the 29th I have another appointment with pulmonary, I will actually see the Doc and hopefully sign the papers to be listed!!! :)

Please pray I stay healthy and strong and keep getting stronger and no more blood episodes! Thanks for all the prayers, God hears and answers I know it!

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