Sunday, September 12, 2010

Plan for the Week

I like Duke, it's diferent but I like it. So the plan for now is to get me stabilized, meaning stopping bleeds from my lungs and hopefully"busting" these DVTs in my arms here soon. We are somewhat between a rock and a hard place because I have the potential to bleed from my lungs but at he same time I need to be on blood thinners to bust these clots!! So, Docs want to do "Bronchial Coiling" which will hopfully stop or slow the bleeds down. This will be done Monday or Tuesday then discharge will be on the radar for me. Once discarged I can begin the pulmonary Rehab at the Center For Living and get LISTED!! :)

My PICC s giving us some trouble, my arm is swollen up again and it has a "bubble" like look to it. They are not sure if it's infected, but they are keeping an eye on it Docs don't want to pull it because they are not sure what other options they have to get a central line in me. Talk of a port is on the radar, which I am all game for!

I've been walking alot. Yesterday I walked my irst FULL mile. Today I'm halfway and will walk again after I finish here.

I appreciate all the prayers comnig in. My dad and I have a specific request and that is prayer for finding housing for when I get out next week. We need to find a place to live until we find an apartment. Also another specific prayer request is for an opening down in Durham for Ben to be able to transfer jobs here so he can stay with me and also so dad can ge back to mom.

Pictures still to come of Transfer to Duke and also of the Bakesale from Friday. It made a little over $2200.00!!! So


  1. Kerry, I have three different friends who have offered for you guys to stay at their places! Seriously.

  2. Yes, actually my dad just got off the phone with a woman who has a mother-in law -sweet open tomorrow that he is gonna stay in and I can also once I get out and we can look for a place from there! God is amazing how fast he works!!

  3. Praying for you! If your on 7800 tell the nurses I said to treat you well! I have lots of favorite nurses on that ward, they are all so wonderful!! And ask for the CF meal vouchers for the cafeteria... there food is much better than the trays. I will pray for your picc situation. That can be so tough and sometimes you have to fight for what you know is best, I hope the port is an option. I love my ports!! Stay strong!!

    Tricia Lawrenson

  4. Ok, sweet thanks Tricia!! I will ask for those! Thanks for the prayers!!