Thursday, September 9, 2010

Quick Update lungs

Ok, so had a rough weekend. As most of you know I was just discharged from PNH about 2 weeks ago, well this past Sunday I ended back up in PNH due to another bleed from my lungs. Today however brought some exciting yet scary news. I was flown to Duke Hospital today in hopes to get care here and as a bonus get on the organ list!!!! I am not listed yet, I speak with Transplant doc tomorrow and I think that is when I will sign the paper work. This has all happened so fast, so fast my husband Ben is not here with me yet. My dad is here with me now while Ben hopes to get his job transferred down here. Please pray that there will be an opening soon so that he can come be with me and please keep him in your prayers, he is so strong and he has alot on his plate right now, pray God keeps his strength up! As for me, I will post more and some pictures I had taken with the wonderful staff at PNH and the flight folks--who I must say are awesome!! Oh!! And the fundraising!! We are at $35,000!! God is so great. I am so exited and anxious all at the same time, but trying to keep it together! Aright, well that is all for now!

I would like to send a special thanks to all who are praying for my family & I. And to all my family who so SO MUCH for me. And of course to God, who has kept me & my family. I couldn't ask for more.
I Love You All.

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